Simply surviving an affair isn't the end goal. You want to be a new person who is characterized by a new way of living. Several qualities and habits emerge as you walk in the way of Jesus. You become more patient. You reengage with people in unassuming, non-entitled ways. You earn trust. You have learned to face what is really in the mirror and to take restorative action. You aren't fragile, begging for affirmation and compliments, but you are well guarded from despair by knowing who you are and whose you are. You know that Jesus's promise is strong and that He is not done with you. He will finish what He has started in you.
– Michael Gembola
About the Episode
In this episode of the Hope + Help Podcast, Christine Chappell interviews Michael Gembola about his book, After an Affair: Pursuing Restoration. During the conversation, Michael explains the short-term and long-term challenges married couples face when attempting to reconcile after adultery, warning about the dangers of playing the "blame game" and other common defense mechanisms that interfere with the healing process. He also highlights two dangers adulterers need to avoid so they don't succumb to crippling discouragement, and shares words of wisdom for betrayed spouses who have been deeply wounded by the sin of an affair.
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About the Podcast
The Hope + Help Podcast offers compassionate biblical conversations about life's challenging problems. The purpose of the podcast is to share Christ-centered comfort and clarity for those seeking biblical solutions for the struggles they face. The podcast accomplishes this by offering a mix of interviews with seasoned biblical counseling professionals and ministry leaders on a variety of topics. Listeners can expect to receive biblical wisdom as well as practical steps for facing suffering, struggling, and sin with courage and grace. Hosted by author/writer Christine M. Chappell.
About the Guest
Michael Gembola, a licensed professional counselor and licensed preacher with the PCA, is executive director at Blue Ridge Christian Counseling and has taught courses at CCEF, Westminster Theological Seminary, and Biblical Theological Seminary.
About the Book
You have been unfaithful, and you want help, but moving forward is complicated. Professional counselor Michael Gembola provides daily guidance and encouragement to help you make lasting change. He offers reflection questions, plus suggestions for practical actions, so you can form new qualities and habits as you move toward God in repentance and toward your spouse in reconciliation.
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Christine M. Chappell
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Christine Chappell is the author of Clean Home, Messy HeartHelp! My Teen is Depressed, and is the host of IBCD's Hope + Help Podcast. She is passionate about advocating for biblical one-another care and discipleship in the context of the local church. Her writing has been featured at Desiring God, The Gospel Coalition, Risen Motherhood, Servants of Grace, and other Christian platforms. Christine blogs regularly at and lives in South Carolina with her husband and three children.
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