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About the Episode

In this episode of the Hope + Help Podcast, host Christine Chappell interviews Don Roy about his work with military veterans through the Fallen Soldiers March organization. Some of the questions addressed in this interview are:

• What are some of the challenges military veterans experience after their time spent in service?
• Why is suicide so prevalent among former service members?
• What is the transition from active combat duty to civilian life like, and what impact does this transition sometimes have on families?
• Why does loneliness seem to be a problem for former service members? What steps could someone take to address the relational disconnection they feel?
• What are some common faith-related questions military veterans may be wrestling with?
• In what ways does being a former service member influence a person’s identity, value, or purpose in life? How does the gospel of Jesus Christ speak into these particular realities?
• What role does lament play in helping military veterans to give voice to some of their painful experiences or to process some of their painful memories?
• What might a well-balanced support system look like for former service member who’s learning to “cope with the ‘Consequences of War’ in ways that glorify God”?


About the Guest

Dr. Don Roy is an ACBC Fellow and has been certified since 2006. He has a D.Min in Biblical Counseling from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Don also serves as a missionary with Overseas Instruction in Counseling as the Country Coordinator for Madagascar and serves as a Senior Advisor with Fallen Soldiers March. Don is the Director of Northshore Biblical Counseling and Training Center in Slidell, Louisiana.


About Fallen Soldiers March

Fallen Soldiers March exists to glorify God by providing hope, comfort, and healing to United States Armed Forces men, women and their families. The organization’s primary focus is gifting certified biblical counseling (complemented by service dogs and advocacy) to veterans needing help. FSM provides certified biblical counseling & discipleship face-to-face and/or virtually using secure internet networks to accommodate schedules and access distant remote regions. FSM strives to bridge the men and women to whom they minister from the counseling room to the local church, to facilitate engagement and participation in the discipleship and growth developed only in the body of Christ, His church.Through biblical counseling, we also seek to help the United States Armed Forces’ Family prepare and deal with deployment, address and avoid the poor substitutes and bad choices elected to cope with the pain and anxiety war can inflict upon the entire family unit…. the goal being to keep families together.


About the Fallen Soldiers March Soul Care Conference

When: February 25th, 2023

Where: Access Point Church, 518 Coke Avenue Edenton, NC 27932

About: Now is the ideal time for the church to be better prepared to minister compassionate hope and healing from God’s Word to the troubled and the in-trouble. Join us for this important training opportunity and grow in your understanding and ability to minister the Gospel to those in the local church in real and tangible ways. Our presenters are all personally involved in providing soul care to others and equipping everyday believers to do the same. This unique gathering of some of the leaders in biblical counseling will allow the attendees to interact with the speakers and ask specific questions about how to be further trained in providing soul care in the local church.

Learn more and purchase tickets at

About the Podcast

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