About the Episode

In this episode of the Hope + Help Podcast, host Christine Chappell interviews author and Pastor John Crotts about his book Hope: Living Confidently in God. Some of the questions addressed in this interview are:

• What is hope, and why is it important for persevering through hard times?
• What is the basis and nature of true Christian hope?
• How can meditating on the imagery of Jesus as the anchor of our hope be helpful when we’re in despair?
• How might we become “practical atheists” when we’re going through hard times?
• How can we know that God is for us when it feels like everything in life is working against us?
• Which biblical realities about our hope can help to sustain us when we feel like we want to quit?
• What can we know about how God is working in and through us our prolonged trials?
• What is an important biblical “prescription” for despair and how can we practically apply it in hard times?


About the Guest

John Crotts (MDiv, The Master’s Seminary; DMin, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is senior pastor of Faith Bible Church in Sharpsburg, Georgia, and the author of several books including Graciousness: Tempering Truth with Love and Loving the Church: Gods People Flourishing in God’s Family.


About the Book

Hope: Living Confidently in God

How do we persevere in hard times? When platitudes and “positive thinking” fail us, God gives us lasting hope through his Word. This sustaining certainty is based not on our state of mind but on the security of God’s character expressed consistently and reliably through his promises. In this 31 day devotional, John Crotts brings hope to the hearts of troubled Christians by showing how God’s power, plans, and care offer substantive hope for every kind of trial and failure.


About the Podcast

The Hope + Help Podcast offers interviews with seasoned biblical counseling professionals and ministry leaders on a variety of topics regarding life’s challenging problems. Hosted by IBCD Outreach Director Christine M. Chappell.