Two Truths and a Lie About Mental Disorders

2022 Thrive & Cultivate Summit Video Presentation
Everybody's story is different, but the stabilizing biblical truths that
God comforts and counsels us with are the same.
When we've been diagnosed with a mental disorder, it can feel like our entire world is being redefined. We may wrestle with questions like: What does this diagnosis mean? Does this label define me? Will I struggle like this for the rest of my life?

In this short video, I address two truths and a lie about what a mental disorder diagnosis does—and doesn't—mean for life moving forward. Speaking from my own experience of God's transforming grace after being labeled with a mental disorder, I aim to offer viewers stabilizing biblical truths about our personhood, identity, and potential for making meaningful progress on a post-diagnosis journey. My prayer that viewers would walk away from this brief talk feeling encouraged to face their nuanced challenges with fresh perspective.

This video was originally produced at the request of the 2022 Thrive & Cultivate Summit hosted by Church Communications, where it was broadcasted during their online event. The message is loosely based off my mini-book, Help! I've Been Diagnosed with a Mental Disorder. For details on this mini-book and other related resources, please visit
Help! I've Been Diagnosed with a Mental Disorder
A mini-book written to help people who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder.
Looking for More Biblical Resources on the Topic of Mental Disorders?
I've created a complimentary resource download that directs viewers to dozens of helpful biblical counseling resources on a variety of relevant topics—many of which are instantly available, free to access, and easy to share with others! These are resources I've personally benefitted from and even utilize in my own counseling ministry. Click the button below to get instant access to the .pdf—all the links on the document are clickable and will route you directly to the resource listed.
What an amazing talk - thank you, Christine. Very engaging and found your use of quotes and Scripture to help me understand more deeply the hope and the promises of God.

Thrive & Cultivate Summit Attendee
Such great thoughts to share with those who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder. I love your statement that a mental disorder label does not dictate destiny. By God’s grace and help, we are not the sum of a label.
Thrive & Cultivate Summit Attendee
Thank you Christine for this session. It is a huge encouragement to my husband and I that we have hope in Christ Jesus and his promises have not changed concerning us.
Thrive & Cultivate Summit Attendee
Excellent. So thoughtful, biblically sound, wise, and well-delivered. THANK YOU Christine!
Thrive & Cultivate Summit Attendee
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