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Afflicted Ones: The Church Needs You to Be Brave

Where are the afflicted ones who will take the risk and let their brothers and sisters know they are not alone in their struggles—that they too have walked a forlorn road? The church needs the afflicted to care for the afflicted so the comforts of God can be fully dispensed. When the afflicted are shamed or silenced or shunned, Christianity suffers and God’s name is profaned.
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Encouragements for the Woman Who Feels Sidelined

There was a season a few years back when the Lord made it extremely clear through a series of circumstances and struggles that it was my turn to sit on the sidelines. I remember the depression that sunk me low because my grasp on activities and service was forced loose. It was as if divine […]
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Operation Bookstore | Can You Help?

This summer, we’re hitting the streets trying to reach local bookstores and churches about stocking Clean Home, Messy Heart on their shelves—and we need your help! Without the aid of a publicist or agent, the legwork to get a published book spread around the country is labor-intensive. Having you join us in “Operation Bookstore” is yet […]
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