Operation Bookstore | Can You Help?

Clean Home, Messy Heart in Bookstores!This summer, we’re hitting the streets trying to reach local bookstores and churches about stocking Clean Home, Messy Heart on
their shelves—and we need your help!

Without the aid of a publicist or agent, the legwork to get a published book spread around the country is labor-intensive. Having you join us in “Operation Bookstore” is yet another way you can support the message of Clean Home, Messy Heart through relationships and connections you already have.

Here are some places that may be able to help spread the reach of the book in your local area:

  • Church bookstores/tables.
  • Local retail stores who cater to moms.
  • Christian business/bookstore owners.
  • Mom ministry groups.

If you know anyone in ministry and/or business who may be interested in offering the book to their members/customers, please don’t hesitate to get us connected! Here are some ways we can support bookstores and businesses who make the decision to carry the title:

  • Support through blog, press releases & social media marketing, letting the public know the title is available at their location.
  • Availability for book signings, speaking engagements, and personal appearances for raising awareness about the book’s availability.

There are a variety of ways churches and businesses can get their hands on copies of Clean Home, Messy Heart. Here are some of the most common:

  • Directly through Christine (complete request form posted below).
  • Contact WestBow Press at 1.866.928.1240 to place an order (click here for more information).
  • Bookstores using Ingram’s ordering system can order through iPage (book is fully returnable through Ingram).

If you have any questions, suggestions, contacts you’d like to share, or inquiries regarding getting copies of Clean Home, Messy Heart, please complete the form below. Thank you for your continued prayers and support!