New Biblical Resource Guide For Depression Available

Walking Through the Darkness: A Biblical Resource Guide for Depression
I think the question that every depressed follower of Christ asks is: ‘How can I feel what I feel when I know what I know?’ Christine steps into that isolation with a very comprehensive and compassionate resource to offer hope. She offers Scriptures, sermons, books, articles, and videos that can speak truth into our souls, at just the speed with which our souls can grasp the truth. I am very grateful for this resource!
Ruth McWhite, Director of Women's Ministry, North Greenville University
When depression strikes, clarity is hard to come by. It can often be overwhelming to determine what steps to take for treatment and recovery.

As Christians, there is often an element of shame or lack of understanding about the issue, and this confusion leaves everyone involved feeling helpless and hopeless for change.

Walking Through the Darkness is a digital download that seeks to bring biblical clarity to the issue, for sufferers and caregivers alike. The guide is a collection of resources curated by author Christine M. Chappell, who personally lives by faith with a Bipolar II diagnosis, and has battled mental health extremes for almost two decades.

With helpful checklists, author commentaries, video/audio links, Scripture indexes, and a wealth of recommended books/resources, Walking Through the Darkness will equip both the afflicted and the ones walking alongside them to find biblical hope and help.
"Take comfort in knowing you are not experiencing something abnormal, nor are you condemned because of it."
– Christine M. Chappell

Full of Gospel Help & Hope

Through this carefully vetted collection of resources, readers will discover compassionate, trustworthy, and wise counsel for facing depression recovery with courage and strength.