The Trial of Depression in Motherhood

His People Interview as Featured on Pilgrim Radio
I recently had the opportunity to join Bill Feltner on his radio program, His People, to talk about the trial of depression in motherhood. During the conversation, I briefly share about my previous experiences with depression and reflect on questions such as:

• Why did I write Midnight Mercies?
• Is depression a growing issue in today's culture?
• Where do we find experiences of depression in the Scripture?
• What does the title of my new book, Midnight Mercies, mean?
• Is there something about being a mother that lends itself to depression?
• What is the role of prayer in the trial of depression?
• What might lament in depression look like?
• Where do we see experiences of depression in church history?
• What about people who experience seasonal depression—what's a biblical encouragement for them?
• How does Naomi's life story encourage the mother who is suffering from depression?
• What role does spiritual warfare play in our experiences of depression?
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"Sharing her own experience of depression and the anguished cries of God's people throughout Scripture, Christine Chappell reveals Christ's compassion for the hurting in her new book, Midnight Mercies: Walking with God through Depression in Motherhood. "
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