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Navigating Depression

Feel Stuck in the Valley of Depression?

I know what that's like—I have felt the helplessness and hopelessness that depressed Christian women sometimes experience.

But by God's grace, I have found that the time spent walking through these dark valleys needn't be wasted or wished away.

Instead, I learned that depression can be engaged in such a way as to bear spiritual fruit.

Over time, I began to view depression as an occasion for my faith to become deepened instead of disillusioned.

And this God-given change in perspective literally saved my life.

That is why I'm
 repurposing these video workshop recordings. I want to share these "treasures of darkness" with you.

About the Workshop Series

Join me for a 4-part on-demand video workshop series on the topic of navigating depression. Viewers will gain meaningful insights about the experience of despondency, explore Christ-centered motives for body stewardship, practice depression-specific prayers of lament, uncover common stumbling blocks that hinder spiritual growth, and learn redemptive approaches to realistic goal setting.

The videos presented in this on-demand series are edited recordings from previously-aired Zoom broadcasts. Digital access to these workshops also includes note outlines, a collection of recommended related resources, and closed captioning/video transcription courtesy of Vimeo.
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Workshop #1

"I'm Depressed." What Does That Mean?

In this workshop, we'll compare various views of what depression is (and isn't), and survey the robust language God's Word offers to sufferers who struggle to articulate their experience. We will also compare the differences between explained and unexplained sadness as well as "safe" and "dangerous" sadness.
Workshop #2

Depression & Body Stewardship

In this workshop, we will acknowledge the physiological impacts of sorrow and explore a biblical view of the body/soul dynamic in depression. We will also consider what it means to steward our bodies wisely as we walk through dark valleys in life.
Workshop #3

Depression-Specific Prayers of Lament

In this workshop, we will explore the honest challenges and realistic benefits of crying out to God when depression feels overwhelming. We will also review a helpful, depression-specific pattern of prayer that can be personalized, and learn what it means to lament our "felt reality."
Workshop #4

Goal-Setting in Depression

In this workshop, we will contemplate the dangers of embracing a "fix-it" mentality in depression, examine the expectations we have for ourselves and what a "normal" Christian life ought to look like, and turn to the Scriptures for direction about what God-centered goal-setting entails.
Christine Chappell
Workshop Instructor
Hey friends! My name is Christine, and I'm a wife, mother of three, author, podcast host, and certified biblical counselor.

My books include 'Help! I've Been Diagnosed with a Mental Disorder' and 'Midnight Mercies: Walking with God Through Depression in Motherhood.' Over the years, I've shared pieces of my story at places like Desiring God, The Gospel Coalition, Risen Motherhood, and other Christian platforms.

Ministering to the melancholy is a passion of mine—a result of my own previous battles against depression, panic attacks, disordered eating, suicidal ideations, and self-injury.

I know how hard this journey can be.
Want to walk together for a while?
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Questions & Answers 

This workshop series is open to those who are looking for biblical wisdom and encouragement for growing through their experiences of depression, as well as for women who may not be sufferers themselves, but who want to better understand the experience for the purposes of one-another care and discipleship.
What materials do I need to participate in these workshops?
You'll need a Bible, journal, a pen or pencil, and a reliable internet connection for streaming the video.
I haven't been diagnosed with depression. Are these workshops still relevant to me?
Yes! You don't need to have a clinical diagnosis in order to benefit from these workshops. Much of what we will be covering is applicable to suffering and grief in general, therefore attending these workshops is not only good for personal growth, but can also equip you to care for downcast souls in a compassionate, Christ-like manner.
I am looking for a biblical counselor. Are you available?
I do not offer individual counseling at this time, but there are some links to biblical counseling organizations where you can try to find a counselor in your area. Many counselors also offer virtual sessions, which may be a good option for you if location and availability is an issue.

Find a counselor: Biblical Counseling Coalition | Association of Certified Biblical Counselors | Association of Biblical Counselors
I'm experiencing financial hardship but would like to participate. Are scholarships available?
I do not presently have scholarships available to help cover the registration costs. Please contact me directly (click here) if you are in need of assistance, and we can explore possible options.
I would like to share these workshops with a friend. Can we share the same registration?
Thank you for wanting to share these videos! Because of the cost and labor that goes into providing this kind of biblical counseling content—and the fact that the resources I produce through my online ministry are entirely funded at my family's expense—I ask that logins and passwords are not shared between individuals. If you would like to invite someone to learn more about these videos, please share this webpage and encourage them to purchase a registration for themselves. If you would like to work through these workshops in a larger group, please contact me (click here) for group access permission and details.
Will you address psychiatric prescriptions at any point in these workshops?
I am not a medical doctor and therefore do not offer medical advice. I do not discuss the use of medication as it relates to depression in this workshop series.
What happens after I register?
Once you submit your registration and payment, you can expect to receive an email from me that will give you instructions on how to access the password-protected on-demand page. If at any point you have questions, please contact me here.
Can my purchase be refunded?
Due to the proprietary nature of the content provided, on-demand video access purchases will not be refunded. If you have concerns about this, please contact me directly.