Clean Home, Messy Heart: Promises of Renewal, Hope, & Change for Overwhelmed Moms
Motherhood can be a confusing time of turbulence for women losing the fight for contented peace in Christ. With our mouths we bless the Lord, but with our hearts we curse the tantrums, rebellions, and arguments with our children. This inner turmoil and bitterness can leave us feeling guilty, isolated, depressed and hopelessly overwhelmed.

As we frantically grasp for some semblance of control, we clean and scrub, yell and wail, cry and fight, wondering how our once joyful hearts ended up so battered. Before we know it, the struggle to keep our homes sparkly clean and children well-behaved begins to reveal a darker battle waging within us—a redeemed heart still refusing surrender.

Can the good news of the gospel hold us together when we’re sorely split at the seams? Can the Holy Spirit restore the joy of our salvation when all we feel is the agony of defeat? And will we ever experience the happy hopefulness of a clean heart as we cry out for God’s transforming grace?

Join author Christine Chappell as she weaves gospel truths with real life stories of motherhood in the trenches. Through honest storytelling and grace-centered theology, overwhelmed moms are given the encouragement they need to thrust towards the Word of God for hope, strength and lasting heart change.
Bible Study Format
The book & reflection journal are specially designed as an 8-week individual or group study
Questions, Prompts, & Helps
Every chapter includes reflection questions, memory verses, & prayer prompts. Book also includes Small Group Leader "helps"—ideal for women who want to lead a study of the book.
Moms can feel so overwhelmed with the day–to–day challenges that come their way. We love how honest Christine is with her own struggles, and how she points readers back to the truths found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Jenny Treadway
Rancho Community Church
"Christine paints a picture of everyday moments we have all faced and fills them with God-glorifying truths leading us back to the word and the cross."

– Amazon Reviewer
"This study was way more than I ever expected. I was convicted, challenged & inspired to learn more & stay close to Jesus in my daily walk."

– Amazon Reviewer
"This was a wonderful study to participate in with other mothers. Terrific conversation starters and lots that we can relate to. So glad that I read it!"
– Amazon Reviewer
Companion Reflection Journal
The Clean Home, Messy Heart 40 Day Scripture Reflection Journal walks women carefully through the weekly themes and bible verses contained in the corresponding book.

Through heart-checks, reflections, and prayer, Christine sets the stage for women to meet one-on-one with the Lord, helping them to store up the great treasure of God’s Word in their hearts.

This journal is ideal for personal or small group study. It encourages women to take their daily struggles to the Lord for renewal, hope, and lasting heart change in practical, applicable ways.

The journal also includes several blank note pages for each week of study, allowing women to organize all of their Clean Home, Messy Heart thoughts and insights in one place.
"Love love love this journal. It's a beautiful way to keep my thoughts and character focused on being more Christlike."
– Amazon Reviewer