Real Christians Can Experience Real Depression

Walking Through the Dark Live Video Series
Can real Christians experience real depression? Could being depressed be a sign that they aren’t a child of God? Is the Christian’s ultimate goal wellness and recovery, or is there something deeper God is doing through our pains? In this session, I briefly address these questions, giving viewers a variety of biblical and historical narratives that demonstrate depression is not an abnormal part of the Christian experience.

Professionally, I am an author, writer, speaker, YouTube show host, and am currently in the process of obtaining my biblical counseling certification. Personally, I am a married mother of 3 who has battled depression for almost two decades, diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder II. I have also walked through periods of self-injury, eating disorders, anxiety and panic, and two mental hospitalizations. That is not a brag list. It is a confession of vulnerability so that viewers know I do not approach these topics lightly, or unsympathetically.

About the Series

These recorded Facebook Live videos are meant to better equip those who are caring for friends and family who may be walking through a season of depression. They are also designed to encourage current sufferers with compassion, understanding, and hope.

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Part I
Approaching the Wounded with Compassion
Part III
Exposing the Lies & Mystery of Depression

Walking Through the Darkness Resource Guide

"Take comfort in knowing you are not experiencing something abnormal, nor are you condemned because of it."
– Christine M. Chappell
When depression strikes, clarity is hard to come by. It can often be overwhelming to determine what steps to take for treatment and recovery. As Christians, there is often an element of shame or lack of understanding about the issue, and this confusion leaves everyone involved feeling helpless and hopeless for change.

Walking Through the Darkness is a digital download on depression that seeks to provide biblical wisdom, clarity, and hope for sufferers and caregivers alike. The guide is a collection of resources curated by author Christine M. Chappell, who personally lives by faith with a Bipolar II diagnosis, and has battled mental health extremes for almost two decades.