When the Clock Strikes Midnight:
3 Encouragements for Depressed Moms

as featured at Risen Motherhood
Has your Good Shepherd led you through dark valleys in the past? Has Jesus previously managed to revive your spirit—to “brighten the darkness” (Isaiah 42:16, NLT) that seemed to swallow you whole? Has he carried you through hurt and heartbreak before? You can count on your Shepherd to do so once more. Christ is committed to lift you up as many times as it takes before he raises you up to glory.
If I asked a mom fighting depression, “How much longer will you feel so miserable?” her answer probably wouldn’t be “Just another hour or two. Nearly done now!” Depression doesn’t work that way. Melancholy moods aren’t often snapped out of. Fix-it-fast formulas tend to fall short when sorrow saps us of our strength; well-intentioned platitudes usually miss the mark as well. And when pep talks start feeling like passive rebukes, it can seem like no one has anything helpful to say—like we must fend for ourselves in this darkness.

When our clock appears to be stuck at midnight, it can seem like morning will never come.

Ironically, our quest for meaningful encouragement in this season can be a source of discouragement itself! Yet, while it’s true that timely, relevant, life-sustaining words can sometimes be hard to come by in depression, they’re still desperately needed and worth seeking after if we’re to persevere. As Christian mothers caring for families (while also carrying the burden of despondency,) the journey ahead will be too great for us without them.

When wise and winsome words are “fitly spoken” (Proverbs 25:11, ESV), they become like candles that shine in the dark.

If you’re feeling desperate for encouragement as you walk through the darkness of depression, I’d like to pass along a few statements which ministered to me. The Spirit used each of these fitly spoken words to give me strength and insight on my journey. By God’s mercy and grace, I pray they will serve you just the same.  
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