Apart from dying to ourselves, I'm not sure it's possible to experience death more personally than to have it occur within us. When the experience of death is that personal, trite religious phrases and sympathy-card expressions become more difficult to utter and even more difficult to accept.
– Abbey Wedgeworth
In this video recording from the 2023 Midnight Mercies Virtual Summit, Abbey Wedgeworth reflects on her painful journey through miscarriage and postpartum depression and shares how God mercifully met her in the midst of it. Learn more about Abbey's ministry, books, and resources at abbeywedgeworth.com.
Midnight mercies: walking with God through Depression in Motherhood
As Christine recounts her own midnight journey through depression and explores stories of desperate sufferers who experienced God’s mercy in the Scriptures, she shows how God meets us in our despair and helps us toward his light—one step at a time.