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Julianna Morlet | Clean Home, Messy Heart Forward by Julianna Morlet

*This post is a part of a series written by pre-publication readers of “Clean Home, Messy Heart: Promises of Renewal, Hope, and Change for Overwhelmed Moms” by Christine M. Chappell, available May 16th.

Clean Home, Messy Heart Forward by Julianna MorletWe were privileged to have Julianna Morlet of Shoreline Church in Austin, TX compose the forward for Clean Home, Messy Heart. Here are some excerpts from her contribution:

Some writers come to the table with the goal of changing lives, and everything they write is filtered through the lens of “Will this change the world?” And then, some writers have a fire of a message burning inside their hearts, urging a way out—it comes in the form of letters, sentences, and stories of imperfection, beautifully laced together. The end goal: for one woman to be able to read it and silently sigh, “Me too.”

Christine’s book, Clean Home, Messy Heart, is, without a doubt, the latter. It’s identifiable, as each story will have you either giggling or crying because you just know. You can see your own crayon-stained walls and pen-etched coffee tables; you can recall those drives home from school where you wanted to be paying attention but completely zoned out on your baby’s recount of her day.

Its pages are filled with rich Scripture, dissected and applied to our everyday situations of womanhood. The busyness gets all of us—and if we’re being totally and completely honest, our ugly comes out on our kids and husbands more than we’d like to admit. Sometimes, the Morlet home puts reality TV to shame. Can I get an “Amen?”

As I head into my own hidden season of motherhood, with a toddler and newborn in my circle, I am grateful for Christine’s wisdom and vulnerability, which you will no doubt experience in these pages. I’m grateful that in the midst of my crazy, I can read her journey and sigh, “Girl, me too.”

Connect with Julianna

Julianna is a worship leader at Shoreline Church in Austin, Texas. She is a married mother who struggled her way through infertility and experienced the miracle of raising children. Learn more and connect with her!

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