Depression in Motherhood:
Help & Hope Podcast Interview

SHOW DESCRIPTION | "After trying everything she could to stop her slide into a dark depression, young mother Christine Chappell tearfully told her husband she needed help and admitted herself to a facility.

In her book, Midnight Mercies, Walking with God through Depression in Motherhood, Christine describes this heartbreaking season but does not leave us in the dark. In this conversation with Sharon Betters, Christine transparently tells how depression strangled her and drove her to a point of hopelessness—and yet, the Lord did not abandon her.

Christine and Sharon talk about the emotions of depression and how one leads to the next, how God responded differently to each person in scripture who experienced depression, some of the causes of depression in motherhood, and how our culture encourages us to declare, 'I got this!' vs. 'Help, Lord!' Christine offers practical steps we can take in battling depression and how friends can come alongside a hurting friend.

Whether your depression is mild or severe, this conversation will act as a first responder, helping you take a deep breath and whisper as Christine says in Chapter 2 of Midnight Mercies, 'When I feel weary of the hardships in my life, and nothing I do seems to make a difference, I will rest in the fact that God has not called me to accomplish an outcome but to take my next feeble step of faith in obedience to him.'"
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Are you a mother whose hope has vanished, whose world seems drained of color, and whose life is overshadowed by clouds that never seem to part? In this empathetic, God-centered journey from hopelessness to hope, biblical counselor Christine Chappell takes you by the hand on a path through the darkness.
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