Midnight Mercies: Walking with God Through Depression in Motherhood

Cover Reveal from P&R Publishing
I lie awake; I am like a lonely sparrow on the housetop.
Psalm 102:7
A "lonely sparrow" soaking up the moonlight on a tree branch.

In all our brainstorming communications, I never told my publisher about featuring a bird on the cover for Midnight Mercies: Walking with God through Depression in Motherhood.

But soon enough, I remembered that in 2012 when I launched my first blog website, I called it sparrowrookie.com, which later turned into into faithfulsparrow.com before finally becoming christinemchappell.com in 2020.

The sparrow idea for my blog came from a tattoo I got in honor of my Dad a few months before he died from cancer.

Two weeks after my Dad died, my Heavenly Father revealed his Son to me and I received the free gift of eternal life.

No, I wasn't fatherless for long—such was God's unfathomable mercy to me.

So while the thought of a sparrow for the book cover never once occurred to me, God knew it would be a way of bringing a few of the most painful aspects of my past full-circle.

A lonely sparrow looking to the light at midnight. I think a lot of moms, like myself, can relate to such imagery.

That's why this cover is so meaningful to me. And I pray that somehow, someway, it becomes meaningful to future readers as well.