Depression in Motherhood:
Counsel for Life Interview

I had the opportunity to speak with Eliza Huie recently on her podcast, Counsel for Life, about the topic of depression in motherhood. During the conversation, we reflect on:

• From a Christian perspective, what are some common misconceptions or stigmas surrounding postpartum depression and how can they be addressed?
• What strategies, mindset, or actions can Christian families adopt to support a loved one going through postpartum depression?
• What are common signs of and symptoms a mom might be struggling with depression? How can this be distinguished from normal parental stress?
• Society and social media perpetuates the notion of "supermom" who can effortlessly balance work, family, and personal life. How does this unrealistic stereotype impact a mother's mental health or feelings of shame and insufficiency?
• In the church, seeking help for issues like depression can sometimes be discouraged. New moms might feel the weight of expectations to be the happy, faithful, and content as a Christian mother. How can we navigate these issue and encourage mothers to seek help?
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"In this episode we will talk with Christine Chappell, author of the book, Midnight Merices: Walking with God through Depression in Motherhood. Christine offers compassion for mothers who are struggling with despair and sadness as she shares her own story and gives wisdom from Scripture for those who need encouragement and motivation to keep moving forward."
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