Clean Home, Messy Heart Podcast Now Available on iTunes

Clean Home Messy Heart Podcast | Christine M. Chappell

podcast promoI’m excited to finally share that the Clean Home, Messy Heart podcast is officially available on iTunes! This weekly podcast devotion aims at helping women get out of their heads and into God’s word through storytelling, featured scripture, and prompts that challenge listeners to go deeper into their reading and study of the bible. Episodes will typically be under 15 minutes—an ideal time for listening while in the car running errands, on the way to work, or at home doing chores.

This podcast mimics the structure and theme of my upcoming book release, Clean Home, Messy Heart: Promises of Renewal, Hope & Change for Overwhelmed Moms, set to be released Summer 2016 by WestBow Press (click here for book details).

How to Listen

There are several ways to stream the Clean Home, Messy Heart podcast audio:

You also have the option to download the podcast audio when you visit the website page of each episode (here is the link to the podcast page of the site, also available in the website main menu as “Podcast”).

How to Subscribe

If you would like to subscribe to this podcast, you can do so through your iTunes podcast app, through your SoundCloud account or by subscribing to receive updates from the website (see footer at the bottom of this webpage to sign up to get email updates on new blog and podcast posts). Subscribing via the blog is a great option that will soon provide exclusive access content only followers can receive!

Podcast Features

Another great reason to visit the podcast pages of this website is to gain access to resources that are posted along with each podcast audio. These resources may include links to recommended reading that is discussed in the episode, note pages to use alongside listening to the episode, and other helpful resources that pertain to the episode topic. For example, click here to visit a podcast page to see what I mean.

Questions, Comments and Feedback

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