Brief Biblical Counseling Overview & Resource Audio

In this audio, I give a brief overview of biblical counseling to a group of Care Coaches at JC Cares ( in Easley, South Carolina.

The talk aims at encouraging the Care Coaches to desire to grow in their ability to administer Christ-centered, biblically founded one-another care to the economically disadvantaged in their community.

Websites I reference in the presentation are,,, and Far more expansive talks by some of the world’s most prominent leaders in the biblical counseling movement are available to hear, free-of-charge, at many of these websites. By no means does this talk even begin to scratch the surface, but it may be a helpful encouragement to invigorate those involved in one-another care to seek out additional training and growth through these resources.

Worksheets provided during this talk can be downloaded here. With the exception of the Operation Stronghold worksheet, all others have been prepared for public use by the Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship (

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